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Osaka has a unique and unique culture. A tourist spot where you can feel the history and culture, including delicious Osaka food. [KANAU] tells you about spots where you can “see,” “listen,” and “experience” that you can only meet in Osaka. Please take a look at the charms of Japan.


Top 100 waterfalls in Japan “Mino Falls”Minoh Falls


A large 33m waterfall that has been selected as one of Japan's Top 100 Waterfalls.
The shape of the falling waterfall resembles the "mino" of agricultural tools, so it is called Minoh Waterfall, and it is said that the place name comes from here.
Take a stroll along the “waterfall path” along the river that extends from the station, to the Minoh Waterfall, which attracts various faces in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. In summer, you can enjoy the dazzling fireflies, and in autumn, enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves.


Dotonbori, the heart of OsakaDOTONBORI


Dotonbori where you can enjoy various gourmet dishes such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki, kushikatsu and crab!
The name of the river comes from Doton Yasui, who started waterway construction in 1612 (Keicho 17).
At night, you can also enjoy the riverwalk "Tombori River Walk" in a red-light district where neon lights shine.


Osaka Castle and Osaka Castle ParkOsaka Castle, Osaka Castle Park


Osaka Castle is located in the vast Osaka Castle Park with a total area of ​​105.6ha, with a view from the top floor, a golden tea room, and a try-on corner for trying on helmets and Jinhaori. Approximately 300 cherry blossoms are in full blossom at Nishinomaru Garden, and during the cherry blossom season many visitors gather. This park is also a place for Osaka citizens to relax and enjoy the Osaka Castle Music Hall, Osaka Castle Hall, baseball field, and archery ground.